Real-time multichannel behavioral targeting

Better advertisement performance and product recommendation

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Boost your campaign performance, personalize your offers and rocket up your revenue. Use Colpirio real-time behavioral targeting and product recommendation based on powerful machine learning and predictive analytics.

up to 700 %better click-through rate

up to 300 %higher conversion

100%personalized websites

25 mil.unique user behavioral
profiles in 7 countries

100 000partner websites
and e-commerce sites

30 000new data records every
single second

How it works

Colpirio uses a unique artificial intelligence technology (AI) and the analysis of the data concerning customers’ behaviour, interests and needs retriever from websites and from both online and offline partners in order to effectively target marketing campaigns in real time.

Colpirio creates unique behavioral profiles of internet users enriched with information from other sources, such as mobile operators. Based on profile analysis, Colpiro is able to determine in real time what products and topics users are interested in and what their favourite brands are, and automatically reach them at the right time with personalized ads, web content or e-mail.

Behavioral audit and benchmarking of website traffic and online campaigns


Anonymous User 1

Man, 35-44

Shopping men's shoes, sport watches and consumer electronics

Interests sports (ice-hockey, chess), fishing, mobile phones, traveling

Brands Baťa, Garmin, LG, Ford, Shimano


Anonymous User 2

Woman, 25-34

Shopping women's shoes, t-shirts, jeans, cosmetics, makeup

Interests fashion, lifestyle, shopping tips, cinema, movies

Brands Gucci, Estee Lauder, Bacardi


Anonymous User 3

Man, 25-34

Shopping t-shirts, microphone, macbook, iphone, razor blades

Interests music, indie pop, mobile phones, computers

Brands Apple, Coca Cola, Yamahaa

Colpirio tells you everything about every visitor of your website. Our algorithms reveal their interests, favourite brands, sociodemographic profile and behaviour.

Which type of data Colpirio analyzes

Technical data

Technical data

  • Device type & OS
  • Browser version
  • Visited URLs
  • Time on page
  • Actions & Orders, etc...



  • Gender
  • Family status
  • Age group
  • Income group
  • Location, etc...

Behavioral data

Behavioral data

  • Interests
  • Shopping behavior
  • Affinity to brands
  • Social networks
  • Time pattern in behavior, etc...

Select the right product

It does not matter if you are an advertiser, website owner or local store manager. You are on the edge of a data-driven AI revolution.

Colpirio for Advertisers

Brands & agencies

Higher CTR

Precise behavioral campaign targeting

Dynamic banners

E-mailing integration

Programmatic buying

Multichannel integration


Colpirio for Publishers

Content owners

Higher revenue

New advertisers

Content recommendation automation

Website algorithmic personalisation

Behavioral analytics


Colpirio for E-commerce

All kind of eshops

Higher conversion rate and revenue

Product recommendation

A/B testing

Event triggered campaigns

Dynamic banners

Multichannel integration


Colpirio for Retail


Higher basket value

On-line & off-line integration

Precise targeting

Multichannel campaigns

Customer segmentation

Warehouse data integration


Colpirio for E-mailing

Direct communication

Higher open and conversion rate

Dynamic content personalisation

Product recommendation

Behavioral timing

Warehouse data integration


Why choose Colpirio?

We know your customers’ wishes before they tell you. Colpirio is the ultimate solution for campaign targeting, product recommendation and website personalisation.

Focused on each customer’s behaviour

Colpirio analyses the actions and behaviour of every single customer.

Multichannel campaign targeting

Colpirio will find your customers on websites, mobile or digital TV.

Dynamic banners and content

The Colpirio artificial intelligence shows the right products or content to every user in real time.

Precise product recommendation

Colpirio uses behavioral and product analysis to recommend the right products at the right time.

Real-time analytics and data processing

Colpirio is lightning fast, analyzing more than 30,000 actions per second.

Easy and fast implementation

Colpirio is easy to set up, and implementation does not require any special technical skills.

Let’s start

Our customers

"Colpirio helps me to effectively target users across internet who are already in the phase of searching or choosing specific type of goods. When such a target audience is detected we are able to display them a product from our portfolio with the highest relevance. The added value of Colpirio behavioural profiling is their reporting which are helping us describing a typical person of our customers per each category."

Jana Hogrová

Marketing manager, KÄRCHER spol. s r.o.

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